Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello friends,
OK, so I know what you’re thinking ‘What is this foxy CD I keep hearing about?’ Well wait no longer, I have the goss for you.

CRAZY LIKE FOX is a creative package Selenna and I are making.
We have hand made 400 material envelopes of lovely colours and patterns, and they are looking mighty fine.

But who would want to buy an envelope you ask.

Inside these envelopes you will find a compilations CD, very much similar to ‘So Fresh’ but better. This CD will feature 10 tracks from various indie/alternative Melbourne bands, a listening experience that will make you hard.

Why put a CD in an envelope, what a waste of space?

NO! We are jam packing as much talent into this package as possible, we have some amazingly talented artists designing Inspired by the tracks on the CD.

There is so much being put into this package, so keep you eyes open, tell your friends, and join us on the 30th May for our first ever Crazy Like Fox afternoon tea.
We have some sweet bands joining us at the Suede Bar on Smith Street to help us get the balls rolling.

More details on afternoon tea party soon.

Peace and Love

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